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Pran Krishna Chakravarti

(West Bengal)

Pran Krishna Chakravarti was born in the village of Rudrakar, Palong, Faridpur, Dacca, which is now in Bangladesh. His father’s name was Janaki Nath Chakravarti. He was a third-year student at Milford Medical College, Dacca when he gave up his studies midway to join Anushilan Samity. In December 1932, he was arrested at Jalpaiguri Railway station with arms.

The Trial Court sentenced him to seven years of imprisonment, but while he was being transported, he managed to escape from a running train with a handcuff and went underground. The Police offered a reward for information about his whereabouts. However, he was rearrested on 29 October 1933 near Hill Road Railway station. The Trial Court sentenced him to death, which was later commuted to 25 years of imprisonment and deportation to Andamans.

In the Cellular jail, he was subjected to police flogging. He participated in the hunger strike in July 1937, which continued for 37 days. In 1939, he went on another hunger strike for 36 days. He was finally released on 31 August 1946 after serving a total of 14 years in jail.