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Semchung Haokip

(★ – 1919) – (Manipur)

At the time of the Kuki Rebellion across the Manipur Hills and Burma, Semchung Haokip served as the 70-year-old chief of Ukha Loikhai. He was the grandson of Letsem, son of Chungsho.

During the outbreak of the First World War, the Kukis openly defied the urgent transport requirement of the 2nd Labour Corps recruitment in Manipur. Semchung Haokip’s statement, recorded during the trial, showed that he was a respected chief who had a significant influence over the South West Manipur.

He was convicted for his involvement in the Ithai Toll attack on 19 December 1917. The charges against him included opposing labor recruitment, instigating other chiefs to take up arms against the government, taking part in armed confrontations, and preventing chiefs from surrendering to the British.

Due to his old age, he was accorded a cart for his travel from Imphal Jail to Kohima Jail. Unfortunately, he passed away in Kohima Jail in November 1919.