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Shyam Narayan Singh

(1901 – 1968) – (Bihar)

Shyam Narayan Singh born on 1901 (Aged 67) in the Nalanda district of Bihar, India. Shyam Narayan Singh was a student at Patna College. During his college years, he found inspiration in the ideology of Chandrasekhar Azad and other revolutionary leaders. Over time, he came to recognize the significance of participating in electoral politics as a means to achieve Swarajya, or self-rule, from the British Government.

In August 1942, when Mahatma Gandhi issued a resounding call for the British to “Quit India,” the spirit of nationalism was soaring across the nation. At that time, in Patna, Shyam Narayan Singh delivered a passionate patriotic speech, after which seven students proceeded to hoist the Indian National flag at the Patna Secretariat. Tragically, all seven of them lost their lives during the ensuing protest. While Shyam Narayan Singh emerged unharmed from the incident, the colonial government issued a “shoot at sight” order and offered a reward of Rs. 5000 for his capture. Eventually, he was arrested and imprisoned in Bihar Sharif. Later after release from the prison after independence he passed away in 1968.