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On the night of October 2, 1942, Sornathammal and fellow freedom fighter Lakshmi Bai Ammal organized a women’s march in Madurai, shouting the ‘Vellaiyane Veliyeru’ (Quit India) slogan. However, something terrible was in store for them. The women were arrested by the police, beaten, stripped, and left outside in the dead of night near Alagarkoil.

Despite this ordeal, Sornathammal remained steadfast in her resolve to fight for the nation, as she had a heart of steel. She was even jailed for three months in 1942 after participating in Individual Satyagraha. Sornathammal was a true patriot, and according to the book Madurai Mavatta Sudhanthira Poratta Varalaru by S. N. Somayajulu, she spent long hours at the charka spinning khadi.