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Sri Dev Suman

(1916 – 1944) – (Uttarakhand)

Sri Dev Suman (Aged 28) was a social activist born on May 25, 1916, in Jaul village patti Bamund, near Chamba city of Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. While the rest of India was fighting for independence from the British government, Suman advocated for Tehri Riyasat’s independence from the King of Garhwal’s rule. He was a great admirer of Gandhi and used nonviolence to achieve freedom for Tehri.

In his fight with the King of Tehri, also known as Bolanda Badri (speaking Badrinath), he demanded complete independence for Tehri. However, on December 30, 1943, he was declared a rebel and arrested by the Tehri kingdom. In jail, Suman was subjected to torture, including wearing very heavy cuffs, being given food mixed with pieces of stone and sand, and more. Then he decided to go on a hunger strike. The jail staff tried to force-feed him, but without success. After being imprisoned for 209 days, and on a hunger strike for 84 days, Sri Dev Suman passed away on July 25, 1944. His body was thrown into the Bhilangna River without a funeral.